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Transfer Wealth Tax Free

Transfer Wealth Tax Free

Inheritance taxes, sometime called death taxes, are optional; if planned ahead of time.  In most areas, there are rules that prohibit “death bed transfers.”  Usually, if the transfer of wealth is planned and action is taken at least one year before death, you can significantly reduce or eliminate inheritance or death taxes.

Most estates are taxed more than needed if planned efficiently.  The years of experience the advisors at Integrity Estate Advisors have can be instrumental in passing a larger legacy to your loved ones or charities.

And it’s not just taxes that can deplete a legacy; legal fees, probate fees, and the costs associated with delays can reduce your legacy.

Proper wealth transfer planning can ensure a much larger legacy with minimal delays.

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The efficient transfer of wealth should be part of a properly planned estate.

CLICK HERE review our list of well-known celebrities who neglected to plan properly.

EXAMPLE:  80 year old female client.  Not married and has no children.  Had $1,000,000 to pass to her 3 nieces and nephews.  If they inherited the $1,000,000 the way she had planned, her nieces and nephews would have inherited less than $850,000 after a 15% Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax and legal fees.  Our plan had her nieces and nephews inherit $1,700,000 TAX FREE and NO legal fees!!! And, if the client needed any money for emergencies, it was available. (any amount taken would also reduce the inherited amount to nieces and nephews)  Working with an advisor who has advanced knowledge in Tax Free or Tax Favored Wealth Transfer can make a huge difference in the outcome!

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