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About Us

About Us

Integrity Estate Advisors is a full service Financial, Retirement, Asset Protection, and Estate Planning firm.  Kevin Bock has been helping people in this area for over 25 years.  Kevin started in the financial and insurance industry in 1989 with his wife Jeanie.

Early in his career, Kevin helped teach his clients about more effective ways to save for retirement.  Over the years, his clients got older and needed to take on a different type of planning…one that protected what they worked hard for, instead of trying to get better growth (with more risk).

Over the past 25 years, Kevin noticed a common thread with his clients.  Most, if not all, had many advisors.  They had an Investment Advisor or two, they had an Insurance Advisor or two or three, they had an accountant or tax preparer, they had an attorney who drew up their wills and powers of attorney.  Some had a business with separate advisors.

When a new client review was done, Kevin found that most of the time, none of the client’s advisors had talked to another about their client’s needs.  They were each out doing their own thing.  Because of this, Kevin found some very big holes or gaps in the client’s plan.  When each advisor tried to help, they did it with out getting enough information.

When you sit with an advisor at Integrity Estate Advisors, each area of your retirement financial and estate planning life will be reviewed in depth.  We will coordinate each area of your plan.  We will reduce or eliminate the holes and gaps which reduces or eliminates future headaches and worries.

In most cases, we find major errors or omissions that will cause problems, headaches and surprises.  Find out what you may be missing.  Chances are, you have never sat with an advisor with the broad knowledge and resources that the advisors with Integrity Estate Advisors have to offer.

Because of the success Integrity Estate Advisors provides for their clients, Kevin has created a multi national clientele.  He has clients from Washington State to Kuwait.  He has built a ‘referral only’ business meaning that he doesn’t need to advertise and thrives from a very large referral network consisting of previous clients, social workers, Personal Care facilities, Nursing Homes, attorneys, CPA’s, even people from his industry.

Call us to find out what you might be missing.  Call Integrity Estate Advisors at 724-837-3553 or email us at info @ Integrity Estate

Kevin and his wife Jeanie live in Greensburg.  They have a son, Brandon, who is a senior at PITT main campus for Computer Engineering.  Kevin and Jeanie are very involved with the community.  Kevin is active with the Westmoreland Chamber of Commerce.  He serves on the Board of Directors and Executive committee as Treasurer.  He also is on the Ambassador Committee, Golf Committee, Government Affairs Committee and has served as Chairman on most committees.  Kevin was instrumental in writing the financial section and publishing the Aging Westmoreland booklet along with many other caregivers, nursing and personal care homes, and other people who are a resources to the area senior citizens.  Kevin belongs to the Wealth Management Round Table in Pittsburgh.  Both Kevin and Jeanie are active with supporting and fundraising for many charities including the Westmoreland Trust, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Veterans organizations, Twilight Wish Foundation, Westmoreland Food Bank, and many more.  Kevin has had several Articles and Podcasts published in national trade magazines in the Financial Industry.  Kevin also hosted a radio show for 3 years called, “The Smart Money Show” and is frequently asked to speak to groups regarding all of the topics seen in this website.

If you have a group that would like to have Kevin speak, please contact our office at 724-837-3553.